Punahou Carnival Art Gallery

For years some of my artist friends would encourage me to take part in the Punahou School Carnival Art Gallery that’s held every first weekend of February at the Punahou School campus. I would usually respond that yes, I’d like to but I don’t have anything right now, maybe next year.

Well, finally, I got the extra push I needed and I registered my name online to the Punahou School Art Gallery committee. I also had a painting that I thought would fit into what they might be suited for the gallery.

So today, Sunday, January 29, 2017. I dropped off two paintings at Punahou School. The volunteer parents and students were well organized in the handling and registering of the art drop-off. I should know that because I used to be a parent volunteer at the carnival when my daughter was attending the school back from 2006 – 2010. The junior class parents and students are in charge of running the carnival. The previous year, when they were then sophomore parents and students, they shadowed the committee they were going to be in the next year so that they would know what to do when it came to their turn. So everything is almost always well planned, organized and executed.

As a volunteer parent during those years I did the white elephant tent, huli-huli chicken barbecue, art gallery (twice), and was in the committee (forgot the name) that handled the carnival supplies, during my daughter’s junior year.

There will be a Trustee Preview Night on Monday, by invitation only and the Opening Night on Tuesday, also by invitation only, which are buyer focused events. The people invited will be able to make art purchases then. The art gallery will be open to the public on the days/nights of the carnival, on Friday and Saturday.

Here is the painting I submitted. There was a second painting but I did not get a picture of it.


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